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Mechanical, Electrical & Trim (MET) Technician Apprenticeship

Main Duties:

  • Preparation for Basic and Complex MET Removal and Refitting
  • Power Down and Re-Activation of Electrical Hybrid Vehicle Systems
  • Electrical Computer Unit (ECU) Diagnostic Check, Reset & Repair/Replacement
  • 4 Wheel Alignment Diagnostic, Measurement, Adjustment and Setting
  • Mechanical Removal, Refitting to Manufacturer Repair Methods, Replacing Specific Components and applying Safety Related Torque Wrench Settings
  • Air Con System Gas Retrieval, Diagnosis, and Replacement for both Old and New Gas Types.
  • Basic Electrical, Mechanical and Trim Removal and Refitting  

Level 1:

  • Health and Safety Practices
  • Tools, Equipment & Housekeeping
  • Intro to Mechanical, Electrical & Trim (MET) Materials
  • Intro to MET Practices & Procedures
  • Intro to Electrical and Diagnostic Systems
  • Intro to 4 Wheel Alignment
  • Intro to Mechanical Removal and Refitting – Use of Torque Wrenches Etc

Level 2 / 3:

  • 4 Wheel Alignments, Measurements & Adjustments
  • Electrical Fault Diagnosis, Repair, Replacement and Reset
  • Air Conditioning System Familiarisation and Diagnosis
  • Removing and Refitting Mechanical Components (Steering, Suspension, Radiators)
  • Removal and Refitting of Non-Fixed Panels and Trim Complex (Headlight)

Industry & Manufacturer Approval Training Opportunities:

  • Electric Hybrid Vehicle Awareness Training, Air Con Removal & Replacement (R134a & R1234yf Gases), 4 Wheel Alignment Diagnosis and Rectification
  • Specialist Manufacturer Diagnostic System Courses for Mercedes Xentry, VWG ODIS, and ADAS Systems – Advance Driver Awareness Systems (Lane Assist, Cruise Control etc
  • Vehicle Manufacturer MET Training, Mercedes Benz, BMW & JLR Assessments and Specialist Model Courses 
  • Further Qualification to Senior Technician - Responsible for up to 3 other Technicians


  • 4x Days Full Time Work, 1x Day College (Work during Half Terms)
  • Full Employee Benefits, Rights, Perks, etc... – You’re one of the Team!
  • Full PPE in line with HSE requirements including Dedicated PPE for Air Con/Electric Hybrid Vehicles
  • Age/Improver based Pay Structure, as you progress to encourage progression
  • Productive and Engaging Working Environment with Trained, Skilled and Qualified Technicians – Who are willing to share their knowledge!

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